What to expect from the 4th of October ?

Today is a very expected day for many. Google’s October 4 event in San Francisco is happening today in San Francisco, California. What to expect after 8 years past the first Android version?

With no further delays, let me share with all of your what I know about this big day:

  • Amazon Echo competitor: Google Home. We will know more about availability and prices for sure! Can’t wait.
  • Pixel will replace the so known name Nexus under the form of two phones and one tablet (that may aim to be more of a laptop) announcement
  • A new operating system (Andromeda)  that will merge Chrome OS and Android features.
  • A new Wi-Fi Router (can’t wait for this one)
  • A 4K Chromecast
  • DayDream, we will learn about this VR platform for sure!

For the Google live stream (that will begin at 5 pm UK time on Tuesday 4 October 2016) you may found it later on this blog.

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