Determine your Mem and Disk Speed

Often we wonder about the actual performing capabilities of our personal computers. This article intents to provide some knowledge about a small command that can help you to find out interesting information regarding performance.

How many times did you wonder what was the actual speed of your drive and memory? And from those times, how many precious minutes or hours you ended up spending online searching for a tool to provide you that information?

With a windows powered machine you do not need any software to know in a precise manner and quickly the speed of your drive and memory. Windows has a built-in command that will let you know this. The command is called winsat 

In order to retrieve this information from your windows machine, you can start by opening a command shell as administrator:

Now let us determine the speed of your drive. To do so, from your command shell, you have to find out exactly what is the drive you want to test. You can use the command diskpart:

Now that you know which drive to test, you may proceed ( from the same command shell ) to the winsat command. The syntax to use is:

winsat disk -n 0

And the result is:

The same applies to RAM memory. To know your RAM speed, use the syntax:

winsat mem

You should now see something similar to this:


What if you need to know your machine specs? You can run:

winsat features

And you will instantly have access to something similar to this:

The winsat command will let you know many aspects of your windows machine and it has many parameters as an option. You can learn more about it by following this link:












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